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Services in Huntsville, AL

Water Restoration, we are water extraction experts. No matter how badly the water damage seems, trust your licensed professionals at Dirt Busters. We will inspect your water damage, give you an estimate that is cost effective and will work till the job is 100% completed to your satisfaction. We use antimicrobial treatment and environmental friendly products for your home. Call your experts today before the damage becomes worse.
Fire/Smoke Restoration requires a certain type of expertise. Every fire is different and causes damage in different ways. Dirtbusters Cleaning, Fire & water Restorations can help restore your home back to its normal and beautiful self. After fully inspecting the damage, we will deep clean all the hard surfaces of your home as well as carpets, rugs, and upholstery items. Do not hesitate to call our experts in this trying time. Let us do the work for you.
Wood Floors are hard to maintain. Our trained technicians use state of the art equipment to keep your wood floors shining and healthy. We use a floor prep cleaning machine to aggressively scrub the floor and remove any dirt, mold, and debrees from your wood floors. We also use products that are 100% environmental friendly.
Mold Removal is very crucial for your home. Flood damage can cause future mold damage, so it is key that our trained experts throughly expect your home for any signs of mold. We use a professional system to remove mold.
  • Evaluation- We check the area for signs of mold damage, we follow EPA standards.
  • HVAC Cleaning- Our trained experts perform this task with our state of the art equipment.
  • Protective Gear- Do not attempt to remove mold without wearing the proper gear. Let the experts do the work for you so that you stay safe. Our top priority is your safety.
  • Dry Brushing- We use wire brushing techniques when microbial growth can be seen on your home surfaces. We remove the mold and contaminates without damaging your house.
  • Dry Ice Blasting- We use this method for removing mold off of wood and cement fixtures. It is a more powerful method for mold that has spread aggressively.
  • Wet vacuum- This method is used when mold has spread to wet materials. This method is approved by the EPA and it is done carefully to not damage your home.
  • HEPA- High efficiency particulate air vacuum method is used where mold has been growing on materials that are dried. This method does not damage your house property.
  • Debris disposal- After we remove the mold and debris from your home, we properly dispose of the contaminates so they do not spread to other areas of your home.
Oriental Rug Cleaning - household cleaning in Huntsville, AL
Oriental/Area Rug Cleaning requires our special technicians to clean and air out your carpet and rugs.
Carpet Cleaning is performed by our trained experts at Dirtbusters Cleaning, Fire & Water Restoration. We use state of the art equipment that is environmental, kids, and pet friendly. Call us today for your FREE Estimates.
Man Cleaning Sofa - household cleaning in Huntsville, AL
Upholstery Cleaning is crucial to keeping your home clean and safe.
Man Using Pressure Cleaning - household cleaning in Huntsville, AL
We provide Pressure Washing on several different surfaces:
  • Swim Decks
  • Empty Pools
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Gutters
  • Wood Decks
  • Brick Walls
Tile Cleaning - - household cleaning in Huntsville, AL
Tile And Floor Cleaning